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eulenspiegel: according to this tiktok Abigail was so frustrated one week before the first song that she nearly quitted and was searching for receptionists jobs at record labels Sept 15, 2021 11:57:24 GMT -6
mastersgttom: Wow! Eulenspiegel that is a powerful revelation about Abigail and the start of a great plotline for a biography on Barlow and Bear. I am getting ahead of myself, lets see what the ultimate destination is for the musical. Sept 15, 2021 14:26:33 GMT -6
mastersgttom: And where those other doors are leading that they keep referring to but can't tell us yet. Its a glorious time to be an Emily Bear and Abigail Barlow fan. I look forward every day to return to their web sites looking for that next tidbit of news. Sept 15, 2021 14:32:32 GMT -6
mastersgttom: Well, I have taken another step deeper into the Barlow and Bear fandom. I just pre-ordered the song book and I haven't played guitar since my high school days and I sucked at it. By the way the Spotify plays stands at 5,160,932. Sept 16, 2021 18:47:04 GMT -6
eulenspiegel2: No ordering in Europe...outside USA is unbelievable....the smallest local shops in German have better websites than Hal Leonsrd Sept 17, 2021 7:53:10 GMT -6
eulenspiegel2: perhaps there is a reason why US companies is all about easy ordering...even the local petits four bakeries here in Aachen ship sround the world Sept 17, 2021 7:55:59 GMT -6
mastersgttom: OOP! Sorry about the repeat post. I thought I lost the first one by an improper key push. It just disappeared. Sept 17, 2021 10:24:08 GMT -6 *
mastersgttom: When the girls hear about this problem I am sure that they will get it corrected, just like they did with their merchandise. Are you thinking about buying the songbook? If so what instrument do you play? Or perhaps (like me) supporting the girls. Sept 17, 2021 10:30:25 GMT -6
eulenspiegel: German amazon songbook presave link Sept 25, 2021 21:12:02 GMT -6
eulenspiegel: French amazon link Sept 25, 2021 21:14:07 GMT -6
mastersgttom: Just a little curious about the number of streams that Abigail posted on her Instagram of 9,065,360. I know that this is the number I got off Spotify but my question is does this represent all platforms world wide? Sept 26, 2021 14:01:38 GMT -6
mastersgttom: For those who may be interested The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical has reached another milestone, 10,097,650 streams on Spotify. I can't put into words how amazing this is, at least to me anyway. Just wish I knew if this is world wide or just Spotify. Sept 30, 2021 13:41:03 GMT -6
eulenspiegel: @mastersttom Oct 2, 2021 6:15:59 GMT -6
ursus: Does anyone know what happened to the Today Show segment which Emily and Abigail went to NYC for? Oct 2, 2021 13:25:37 GMT -6
mastersgttom: Would that be the one that Abigail hinted at very briefly during a TIKTOK or IG post? If memory serves me correctly she mentioned that the interview was going to include a mansion tour with Judge Jennine. If that the one URSUS? Oct 2, 2021 15:11:15 GMT -6
mastersgttom: I had forgotten about that and I think Abigails post has been deleted since. Looks like it didn't happen. Sorta like that event in London that got cancelled with no word about it from Emily or Abigail. Oct 2, 2021 15:15:22 GMT -6
ursus: Yes that was the one which I meant, and I also thought about the London concert. However I could see that London was cancelled at the last minute because of Covid. However they did go to NYC, so it is hard to believe that was the problem in this case. Oct 2, 2021 17:38:01 GMT -6
ursus: It looks like I was wrong. :) Oct 5, 2021 10:23:42 GMT -6
mastersgttom: It lokks like we both were URSUS but it basically tells me now to not speculate too early but to just let things play themselves out. Abigail probably couldn't say anything more until the Today Show officially announced the segment. Oct 5, 2021 10:59:20 GMT -6
eulenspiegel2: I informed Dieter about the spam Oct 6, 2021 7:10:32 GMT -6
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